YIA 2012

This is the project that i presented in YIA 2012,
Young Illustrator Award, Berlin.

“Wearing a spacesuit, Leon floated to the exit. He seemed
it like the universe entry. He only had to leave himself with
soft movements. Slow. In a second he was floating in the
external space, infinite, cold. Silence. His heart beat so
quickly. Leon was seeing around him and only saw space,
space, space… Floating more softy than a father, he felt the
great silence and his energy. He started to be conscious
with all the elements around him, million kilometers around
him. He started to feel the space-time that surrounded all
the universe elements, he also. Leon started to hear inside
him the voices of his ancestors, thousands of voices. The
blood was running fast in his veins. The stars particles that
consists his body started to manifest…and when the space
man was conscious of them, he knows everything. Suspended in
the space he knows that he was a particle, created like his
ancestors and planets, with star dust. He knows he was
insignificant but a little part of All. He knows that ever was
star dust and ever will be star dust.”

All of us are star dust. We and all come from universe, the earth,
thewater, the wind, the trees, the animals, the humans.
Some day we will turn and will float again in the cosmos,
maybe like a space men and woman in a silver space ships
or like a star dust, which we ever have been.
This thought inspired me to make this four illustrations.