The result of the raffle make win to:
EMILIE DURR, from France.
Tittle: 'Harvest'
Congratulatios Emilie! The original illustration
will get to your home in four days!

But it is not all.
My three favourite names win 100mm x 150mm postcard with the illustration.
They are:
DUNKAN WOLFIN, from Nederland.
Tittle: 'In love with Steve Jobs'  (make me laught!)

MICHAL ARAD, from Nederland.
Tittle: 'Benevolence' (i liked the beauty personal vision of Michal)

JUAN FOGO, from Spain.
 Tittle: 'Eva' (because just 'Eva' is the original tittle!)

 Thanks all of you to participe in the raffle!!

Have been so interesting for me know your differents visions about the same illustration. All the tittles are good and valid because the personal vision and the sensations that the illustration make you feel is the most important.

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Alex Ferreiro said...

Hola Elia! Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Tu trabajo también me parece muy interesante, así que estaré atento a lo que vayas haciendo. Te contesté a la pregunta en mi blog :) Para cualquier cosa estamos en contacto. Un saludo!